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pachquiao won de la hoya quit on the begining of round 9
yea...they are supposed to give a "yes" signal to the ref at the beginning of each round, and oscar could not do so at the beginning of the 9th round. Quite frankly, Manny wore him out. Manny hit him with a couple of body shots and moved away so quickly that Oscar had no chance to bounce back and get a few shots back.

This was supposed to bring in huge PPV sales, and revive the boxing ratings. Which im sure it did. At 55 bux for ppv, and a few million viewers, im sure ppv is set. Box ratings also went up hence all the publicity and talk of the fight.

Box fed was hopeing Oscar would be over the weight. Fight would have still gone on, but De La Hoya would have paid 3 million dollars for every pound over weight.

MMA is the official shit lol. Its all out fun to watch. But kimbo's last fight was outrageous lol
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