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OK what are the options to get rid of PS and AC

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i'm in the process of a swap - putting a K20A and Box into a mid engined car
the car has no power steering - or air con
so i'm keen to ditch the PS pump and AC pump - but obviously keep the alternator
seem to be 2 ways around it

1, use the Civic EP3 idler pulley and belt
pros = should be stock parts - easy to tension - and its tried and tested
cons = so far i've yet to track down the idler in the UK

2, use an overside alternator pulley and custom belt
(thought i saw photos on here)
Pros = Very neat - no unecessary moving parts- less space
Cons = may need a custom belt - not clear how to tension

any thoughts, experience or specifics would be great

i'm sure i'm not the only one that would like to know (great Forum!)
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I use the standard size pulleys and a short belt. I put a washer or 2 behind the alternator where the bolts go through. I have never had any issues with it yet. as for tensioning it when the time comes I'll just pack another washer behind the alternator.

I think there are a few guys doing this aswell..
I will measure the belt later tonight after work and give you a length. I'm pretty sure we still used the factory sized pulleys but made them all out of an alloy..
ok the pulley is around 11-11.5" around the contact area. The belt is 40" long give or take 1/2".
I will post up a pic soonish of the pulleys and the belt..
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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