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Ok guys i would like to see a thread on how to do the tsx swap into an eg.

Ok we already know that the k24 will fit into car with no problems using a hasport or hybird racing mount kit. I know that we can use a rsx tranny or civic si tranny unless you want to use the tsx one which will require you to get custom mounts. i belive hasport offers them. (dunno for sure).

things i am not sure of is header. will a cuztom header like hytech or rcrew that is made for the k20a2 and k20a swap work for the 19mm taller k24? I plan on turboing my tsx motor and will be using hte one-fab equal length. they are suppose to fit on this motor in a civic chasis.

I know that the tsx P/S pump will work you just need to have custom lines made for it.

I want to know if a aftermarket fuel rail like GE that is made for the k20a and a2 will they work on a k24 head?

If anyone has another other thoughs on this or experiences with this please chime in. i am with a few day of ordering the motor and tranny and just want ot get everything else done with. i already have kpro and mounts.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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