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Welcome to @Jeka.

I have a k24 engine, I made it new bearings, new pistons, I put strong shocks and an original 87 mm piston, I installed all this on the car and when the car is hot, it starts to smoke and throw oil into my intake manifold and exhaust manifold, and also on the plugs themselves, and there are misfiring Because the oil is on the plugs. The pvc system is not connected. The pvc system is also not connected in the intake manifold. And there is still oil on the valves and there is oil. But the strangest thing is that it doesn't smoke for me at high rpm.
There are following oil sources, typically:
  • valve stem seals leaking - X
  • head gasket sealing oil path leaking to chamber
  • blowby oil from crank case vent hose - X
  • blowby oil from valve cover vent hose - X
  • oil from piston-liner-system
With that in mind and what you've already tested or neglected (X'd it) it would come from below the head (rings and gasket). But from the pictures I would put that in a 2nd order for further investigations as it looks more to me like valve stem sealing issue. Which stem seals did you install (brand, part number)?
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