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K20a2 engine overhaul = 6.1 US qt
engine w/ filter = 5.0 US qt
engine w/o filter = 4.8 US qt
notes : aluminum oil pan

K20a3 engine overhaul = 5.6 US qt
engine w/ filter = 4.4 US qt
engine w/o filter = 4.2 US qt
notes : steel oil pan

Seem the aluminum oil pan holds an extra 0.5 US qt. by my math. The term overhaul is important to take into consideration. If you have swapped oil pumps, oil pans, completely drained the engine of all oil by the standards of basically the engine taking apart, that is considered an overhaul. The cylinder head coming off the block, overhaul status. Now the question to everyone is the same yet the answer varies from person to person on how to correctly start an engine from an overhaul.

Since oil can be drained and seal washers are $0.48 each, right before I crank the engine over I add oil through the valve cover for the valve train, camshafts, and rockers so the oil pump can send it's oil on the way up. Since I am using a oil filter relocation kit I will pre-fill the oil filter and oil supply and return lines the best i can. That is just how I do my recovery from overhaul.
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