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Sold To:
Heitzke------(k20A2 Rocker Assembly)
Laocivic------(EP3 Engine Harness)
Extremeness--(Skunk2 Cam Gear-AEM Rear Big Brake)
Joeman182----(PWJDM Carbon Fiber Intake)
Ctrboy--------(Cometic Head Gasket)
Rsxmatt-------(BDL 74mm TB & Fuel Rail-Venom Intake Manifold)
BoostdK-------(Tial BOV-K20A2 Cams-Full Race Manifold-K24 Block)
1320whtrex----(Precision 1,000cc Injectors)
Kuma912-------(Brian Crower Stage 2 Cams)
Cranny---------(CP 9-0-1 Pistons/Stock K24 Rods)
T-Charged-Civic(A/T Carbon Fiber Cluster)
Heitzke---------(K20A2 Valve Springs)
Egkswap--------(Type S Transmission)
Onefstek--------(K20A2 Head)
Guu-Sama-------(Eiback EVS)
DWNVTEC-------(K20A2 Rocker Assembly)
Doorslammer_72-(Biondo Mega Box 450)
TypeOne/Hybrid Racing-(JDM Del Sol Front End)
System-k-------(DSS Stage 2.9 Axles)
ilrider78---------(S2000 Cluster)
joel1188--------(K20Z3 Head)
704EJ1---------(BDL Fuel Rail)
hangtizzy-------(Exedy Clutch Disk)
Screetch-------(P2R Fuel Rail)
Jellybean-------(02-04 Charge Harness)
Crip------------(KMS EGR Blockoff)
layin_down_da_d(Intake Manifold-Vtec Solenoid)
sujinX----------(ITR 1" MC and Brake Booster)
Jdm Master Mind-(Vtec Solenoid)
Slogsr----------(Chasebays Tuck Harness)
seansr08-------(Custom 3" Intake/Side Markers)
Kelvin Racing---(K20A3 Head & Valvetrain)

Cardinalred eg
Circuit Hero
Hybrid Racing

TRADED-Greenmeansgo-(Electromotive Tec2 for a NX kit)
**Ginazcreation-Problems,miscommunication,lying,now no communication.Problem never solved and never will be

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95eg20a, type r master cylidner and brake booster
nsr ek9,
92egk20 add meengreen,
breadman, k20a2 transmission
1320whtrex, cometic HEADGASKET
amc1976, k20 block, crank, k20 head, arp studs some other stuff
drock, intercooler, pipes, couplers
jcrasta- wiseco pistons eagle rods
mel ez -shifter mechanism

vouch for all people in my list fast payments, and quick shippers

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Sold to:

*Captain Destructo - EK3 Center Console
*KOOCHYOLOGIST - Rear Middle EF9 Wing
*franklin-hid - Bumper Parking Pole
*guitar4ya - EK3/4 Center Console w/Navi System
*KiP_Swap - OEM ITR radio
*Blazed - xxxx xxx and xxxx xxx ("x" per request)
*Trinh - CTR Headlights & Cluster, EKK2 mounts, Sparkks Racing harness
*Turboman02 - CTR Cluster

Ray's a good guy, you will have no problems...most of the supporters are advice ask for vouches and CONTACT them
welcome, and everyone knows him (ray,civic87) just about on here, cool guy:up:
Yeah Ray's a good guy :up:
Welcome to the site! Ray is one of the most legit guys you will meet here!
welcome to the site !!!
and ray is a good seller i can vouch for him bought a ef9 sir wing from him
Welcome aboard.... Ray will definitely not scam you out of your money:up:
Bump to CIVIC87 :up: alot great parts :up:
Ray's good guy, just don't let him near your member,or talk to you about how awesome the twilight movie is :silly:
Just saw his name was Ray, good guy here, no probs. :up:
hey guys,
thanks for all help guys, it makes it a little easier sending a stranger a ton of money.
Ray has been super easy to deal with and very quick replies.

These are all the stuff im getting for my EK swap.

i'll let you guys know how everything went.

Thanks Again!!!
Just to update on the thread,
i got everything in the mail. packaging was outstanding, even double boxed. unheard of!!

Thanks for everying Ray.
hope todo business with you again. As i told him in pm, I just wish every transaction is as smooth as this.
Bump for Ray 100% legit man right here :up:
Bump for Ray. Legit seller here guys. :up:

My list is not that long like some of the other lists, but everybody happy... :up:

Updated... :up: :heart: :up:

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Sold To:

-Saxon- 100% stand up guy, sold him a clutch a while back. Recently sold him some window visors, talked to him a couple times, awesome man, 100% trustworthy!
-RBSJNH- Sold him a Mugen TSX grill. Good dude!
-Blakeclin- sold him an AEM FPR, Fuel Lines and clutch line i think.
-Sleeper6speg- Met up with him and sold him some ITR cams, helped me out when i was in need one time as well, hes a stand up dude with a sick car!
-cardinalredeg- not sure what i sold him lol
-I also sold an OEM Lsd, and an ITR 4.7 FD to two seperate people on here as well but cant remember their names. Ive sold some other stuff throughout the years but cant really remember.
-2s1owsi-Sold him DSS K swap axles and an o2 sensor, talked to him on the phone a couple time. Hes a good guy!
-jdm_kid-Sold him Fender liners.
-JDMTSX- 02-04 k20a2 Charge Harness
-hansolophyem2- 02-04 k20a2 Transmission
-MeenGreen-2002 RSX Type-S Radiator W/ Fan

legit seller...grill came today...100% as described
recieved my window visors :up:
Legit Seller...
Received my header today !
Great service from that guy, and he looked for the less expensive shipping method when i asked him.

Thank you !




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Has recently bought some good stuff from negrok20r and rbsjnh , great guys , very communicative, fast shipment and bold enough to deal with intnl dude like me with unconfirmed pp addr ))

Ive met 1 scammer here - schumaher 916 , real scumbag and liar , have tons of info to prove it , BEWARE !!

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I've sold to several people on this site so far,unfortunately I forgot who they were,however I have the latest name so I'm going to update my post here as more people have transactions through me.

RoSSiRiDeR....Great communication and he sent the money for the item quickly.I could'nt have asked for much more than that.

Sold to dkheng,bodyman,*HAZARD*club...all three were quick payers and I had no problems with the transaction,I'd do business with them again.
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