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bought from: real_talk718 (Type S Cluster), nycjdmwhore (K20a2 Crankshaft), 02ep3si (Intercooler), b20zvtecsi (K20a2 Head), [email protected] (Aeromotive Inline Fuel Filter), tomzauto (k24 oil pump chain, tensioner, n oil pan), joeman182 (k20a2 timing chain cover and k20a2 cams and cam gears)

Sold to: tnhatch03 (TB), Acrite1999 (1600cc Bosch Injectors), jdmvic_k24 (Karcepts RBC Adatper), sik20a2 (stock dp w/ cat)

Updated 12/30/09
1 - 1 of 381 Posts
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