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Official Vouches and Feedback Thread

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Please Read Carefully!!!
After doing some thinking and also checking around, I decided why not, go ahead and make a thread for this purpose only. Now the purpose of this thread is for each person to make a post and add vouches for people that you have bought from and sold to. You can leave any feedback at the end of the thread for a person that either the transaction didn’t go to well, or there is other things that you would like to mention about the transaction. Since a vouch is usually a good thing, the feedback can be the not so good things about the transaction or just something you would want other to be aware of. Also the fact that you are able to edit all of your posts, just make 1 post and you can edit it when you have new vouches/feedback to add. Finally, save this link in your Sig so anyone can just click it and it will bring them right here. Try to keep it to 1 post per person to minimize the amount of duplicate posts per person. If you have an issue with a response someone made about you, take it to PM to resolve it…Since something is being sold and bought pretty much every day, the thread may just be updated on its own. I guess I’ll go first.

Each person's post would look something like this...(Here is my actual vouch thread below)
Bought from:The HPC, jscerteza, Import Builders, Karcepts, NickZED, JBk24crx, lilmike, Truehonda, rpmpowers, AF-Performance, spooolin, Kvaswani, T-Charged-Civic, GST2RSX-S, lilmike, PowerRevRacing, K20Tuned LLC, hondax, jyr3x, JDM96SpecCTR, JDM EJ1 95, bigcalidave, i61motorsports, J-sPeEd, smoke3, fresheg, lucchesi_137, sspem2, TSX911, Nos51, vtecspeed1320, frk_concepts, SLOW SOL, rcracin, spoonhatchblack, RSX King, teamXXXrob, Jas9848, JDM son!, Boricuatuning, LostSoul, 02ep3si, mykrofon, dc2305, OEMSI, gettin it, 2420racing, crip, rexthermal, CyberCT, lucchesi_137

Sold to: suprfast, signalpuke, jdm green eg6, Nikos, pb16b, MonkeyManStunna, Vtecspeed1320, tibbie_03, T-Charged-Civic, dc4k, erik loza, GUARDIAN, djpepsi, thechromecoyote, 88crxsi, qkcivic, xtremecivichb, .Chong, poormanshachi, 02_EP3_K24a_NS, rowbs2k, rsxmatt1985, Trump RSX, laocivic, KOOCHYOLOGIST, mr.goddamnn, mlrmotorsports, becoming, ferngully1, icedout, jones83, darknessgsr00, flyin_gnome, SuperThanh, RSX King, allmotor98, bysk24, gcfernandez, 1_BAD_RSX, joeman182, 6spd_EK, allmotora2, lluks_844, Turboman02, Goodsnacks, K2Serious, z6efboosted, zdiddy22, k-itr, 808K20EM2, flaco0018, 89EFHatch, JDM K20 Coupe, screech, dc2305 , shortstop, 7cbmbb6, 96scstang, mr_kentu, ekslammed, HonkeyDong, GULLIE EG, jmitc73, CyberCT, Stockcrx, 3k1n

Scammer: arztime

Feedback: None at this time. All transactions were smoothly conducted.
Note.. The purpose of this thread is for everyone to post their own vouches and feedback as well.. Not just about me personally.. Like an Official Vouch and Feedback thread... When you are done, include the link to this thread in your Sig.
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Seller: tsrperf

Buyer: me of course

Item: TSX Intake manifold.

Review: Two tumbs up. Good price. Good item couldn't be more happier. TY will do business again. Very Legit

Buyer: Me

Seller: fventura03

Bump for a great guy. Sold me a k24a1 head for a swt deal. 100% legit guy.
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Buyering : Me

Seller: robertschultz1

Item: used greddy turbo kit

Positive feedback for this guy. Fast shipping and was upfront about some of the issues with the kit. Will do business with again.
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