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yeah, well I finally got it fixed.. It wasn't the bushings or etc... I had to take it to a bmw/Maserati/Ferrari auto service shop to get my shit aligned properly.. They do all specialize in suspensions/alignments for the Ferrari/Maseratii dealership next door.. LOL Steering wheel is perfected straight now... Apparently Acura(2 times), Local performance shop(3 times), and local high peformance tire shop(2 times) couldn't do it right... I was referred to the them from a buddy, so they did my car as an exception, since I explained to him I have been to 4 shops to aligned it and my steering wheel is still off... BTW, the guy(british accent from south africa) used to work on the maseratti/ferrari race team dealing with suspensions and alignments.. I was like, RSX is a piece of cake.. LOL LOL Even better, they charged me next to nothing vs the other alignments I had to pay for.. LOL

It did take 2 hours to fine tune it tho.. I test drove, came back, and told him where to adjust... I have had 8 alignments in the past 2 weeks on my rsx... I am soo glad its finally over.. LOL I told them I am def. taking my rsx back next time if I ever touched the suspension... They said no problem and told me to send all my rsx buddies there too since its slow there...
So did the specialist at the shop tell you what the hell was wrong?
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