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So, I just dropped my subframe and axles, and installed my clutch and etc. Drove it home from my buddy's house and it drove straight and everything was normal... Steering wheel was straight and everything.. So I can rule out the install of the subframe or whatever messed it up...

Took it to get it aligned at a local shop and afterwards the steering wheel was off-centered to the left while driving straight. Took it to my work, and tried to align it with my friend. Aligned the toe and etc.. Steering wheel still crooked..
Took it back to the local shop that did the alignment the 1st time, re-did it.. It still did the same thing.. So, I don't want to take it back b/c they can't fix it.. Took it to a local performance shop and they aligned it again and test drove it and aligned it and test drove it and adjusted the tie rods and etc... Still did the same thing... They said I need to replace my front upper strut bearing mounts b/c it was getting stuck and causing my steering wheel to be stuck to the right, so I have steer to the left to keep straight on the road..

BTW, I am on Buddy Club N+, never had an accident, or hit anything, tires are pretty new(we swapped tires around to see if that was it, and it wasn't), (wheels are in mint condition, and no bends) Alignment specs are perfect..
Car is a 06-RSX-S
Any ideas?
Ok I Have had the same story but every time the machanic says its because when we lower these cars so much the tie rod ends must be adjusted so far out normally one end runs out, WHICH happens to be my driver side tie rod. So either raise your car an inch and try again or go get the j's racing tie rod ends for slammed rsx's/ep3's. MINE has been like this for 2 YRS but the car drives fine so i ignore it.
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