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OEM Bigdaddy Rl calipers

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Is anyone on here running OEM Acura RL calipers, which are a 4-pot caliper and bigger than any other oem or aftermarket brake setup available?

And if so, did you clear 16" wheels?

The calipers use a variation of 11.8"-12.6" rotors.

heres a link to show how big these monstrosities are. I am pm'ing a guy on h-t name BrakeExpert who offers kits to bolt into your setup, whether it be eg,dc,ek

my only question, is, (because I havent got a pm back from him yet) I'll be going k and doing an ITR 5 lug conversion which is 5x144.3 and uses a 36mm axle setup, 36mm is neccessary for k swap axles correct?

or, is there anyway to use my stock gsr knuckle assembly, and just use itr hubs and make it 36mm, without the conversion kit? and is there a way to use just itr hubs in the rear, instead of changing out the whole trailing arm?
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unless you makes over 400whp itr front brakes will work great with the right pads!
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