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Here is a recent heads up race between M&S Performance's Supra VS The Chevy Samaurai!!

Click this link below to download and watch the video in high quality!!! Racing 2010/8-August 2010/Videos/ - Chevy Samaurai VS M&S Supra.wmv

The SICC "Battle Of The Belts" is coming up on Saturday September 11th, 2010!! Checkout the flyer below!!

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What's the point if you don't leave even close to the same time the samurai launched hard
that samurai is nasty:up:
chase is a race
:)wow::confused::mad::wow::wow::cool::cry::hammer::wow::wow:)supra guys
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o#0T__ <--wheelie bar if u dont catch on
:)dance::D:p:dance::rolleyes::dance::rolleyes::p: :wink::wow:)Samurai ppl
chase is a race..those are the street racing rules.ive learned the hard way as well ..
Thats worse than a hialeah honk! WTF was that, the Samaurai just took off when the guy pointed @ him..... :down:
damn! cant say ive ever seen a samaurai built in that manner lol
A chase is a race definetly is a rule but so is when you jump you lose and I have seen a alot of these east coast races jump numerious times in a row on the same race and nobody does sh*t. Where do they draw the line on that stuff cause I know if I had some money on a race I would be pissed cause theres never a clean race. On the other hand that samurai has a nasty ( as in good ) launch.
Dammmmmmnnnnnnn That shit samurai was nasty.:wow:
what is up with these races man. everytime these dudes are jumping back and forth again and again. just to see if the other guy will chase by mistake. heres an example of what happens when u go by mistake bc the other dude jumped. this isnt racing.
I normaly dont get into these discussions but even though that samurai is sick thats a bullshit way to claim a win in some way even cowardly, yea I understand the supra chased but that samurai left way before even anything actually happened. If i was the supra I wouldnt throw down any money until a REAL race happens and I REALLY lose. Thats just my opinion
Re: Video - Chevy Samaurai VS M&amp;S Performance Yellow Supra!!!

What a launch!!:up:
samaurai was nasty but he still lost he jumped... counts as a lose in my book
Another crap race .. take it to the track or learn how to launch heads up.

All this "chase is a race" crap is just an excuse used to try and justify peoples in abilities to pay simple attention to an arm drop.

Maybe just one time these guys will post up an actual race video.
these some carss i got to keep my hatch away from lol :rolleyes:

nyce1s keep doing ya thing you not doing it right unless you got haters :up:
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