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Not Overheating, but hot.

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Hi Guys, need a hand.
I've read all the temperature and overheating threads; I've searched.

Is it possible that there is a different (read: hotter) fan switch\target temp, in the Base model RSX (DC5) than the others?

Possibly due to the less aggressive timing and the fact that a hotter Engine (but not overheating) = Better economy.

I ask because I had a plastic end tank go pop after a thermostat got partially stuck.
Luckily, I watched the needle start to rise, and turned it off right away!
No Headgasket symptoms. So lucky me.

So now I have a dual core full alloy radiator.
I also have a 71*C (stock is 77*C) thermostat now.
I Jacked the front end of the car to max height and burped the hoses.

Here's the thing.
Using my OBD-II scanguage-

My radiator fans come on at 98*C (208.4*F) reliably though.

The needle doesn't raise above normal.
Temp drops to 92*C within 3 seconds of the fan coming on.
The fan reliably comes on at 98*C every time.

Is there a problem?
Or is this possibly the running temp of the Base Model?

I've read that 98*C is the 'failsafe' point of the fans.
Is that the ECU forcing them on then, and the fan switch has failed?

Wouldn't that throw a CEL at me? I can't see anyhting wrong at all on the OBD-II.

Any advice appreciated.

More reading suggests the Stock switch could be 95*C.
If this is correct, with such a large radiator, I'm not surprised the hot water isn't reaching the sensor at the bottom under idle conditions.
Which then makes perfect sense for the ECT to read 98*C before the 95*C sees the hot water.

But some sites claim 93*C... and 2* in Celcius.... is a hell of a big difference.

I don't really want to run an 80*C fan switch, but if the TypeR or TypeS has a 93*C and the base has a 95*C then I'd be keen on that.

Oooo Our local generic 'makes everything for radiators' company (TRIDON) makes a 90*C~85*C

That's probably ideal!
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So just an update for everyone, its exactly as i expected.
At idle, the water isnt circulating enough to heat a whole dual core alloy rad in time for the fan temp switch to see it, but its certainly hot hot hot up top.

The fix was to go to Tridon (who make near oem parts) and buy their racommended fan switch.

Its precicely 5*C cooler on fan on, and fan off.

Fixed all issues.
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