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Good Morning K20a,

Im looking into getting rid of my RSX type S seats for something much lighter. I have stock EG seats sitting around, They are pretty nasty but very light. Might grab some seat covers and call it a day... Anyhow my question is: What seats are NHRA Approved, I know NRG seats are not. Since i have a cage, Im not looking to recline anything. I do daily the car sometimes. Can anyone point me in the right direction of what seats to try and grab? Something not crazy priced or even a stock seat that would fit a EG Hatch. Im not looking to Fab up steal brackets again like i did with the RSX Seats. View attachment 46314

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My reasoning for asking is because that isn't Nhra approved so idk why you are worrying about the seat. If you aren't going 11.50 I don't think it matters what kind of seat you have. I could be wrong technically but I've been going to lots of different tracks all over the country and until it's an 11.50 car the only thing they look at is your helmet and seatbelts (if not oem they must be SFI and not expired)

I've also been told that putting a roll bar in any car without a door bar is considered a safety hazard by Nhra and they wouldn't allow it in a 15 sec car. But that could be a rumor/hearsay I haven't read that rule for myself.
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