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newly swapped erratic idle

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Alright, I just got my swap done..... put in Kpro and set it up and started the engine. It is idling really high at first, then after it warms up it starts idling erratically. I went through and rechecked the vacuum lines and double checked all the plugs and such. Here is where I am running into confusion..

I swapped a K20Z3 motor and wired it up with a K20A2 wiring harness and K-pro'ed ECU. I used the Karcepts mounting kit on the RBC intake for the K20A2 TB so I am using the MAP off the TB like it says to and I plugged the sensor next to the map for the evap purge and also plugged the origanal IM map like instructed by Karcepts and utilize the TB MAP sensor. Now I think I may have the coolant hoses for the IACV backward but I would not figure that would cause an issue. I origanally got a CEL but that is because I did not connect the IAT so it was getting a high volt error. I have connected that so it is fine now. The engine starts pretty easily, and I programmed the Kpro with the stock settings although I am running a race header and the RBC intake is far different than the A2.

Any thoughts of what I can do to correct this issue. I have not yet got the exhaust connected but there is well over 12" past the O2 so that should not be a factor, just loud as hell. thanks for any help in advance, just hope someone might have some fresh thoughts.
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i had the same problem with my swap when i first started it. I clenead the IACV and it helped a little. Brought it back to hmotors for a exchange on a new sensor and the problem went away.
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