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Newbie questions on Repin 02-04 harness for 05-06 ECU

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Backround: Looking to run KTuner (Only works with 05-06 ECU) with my 02-04 engine harness and K20a2, without buying a conversion harness. I've been told repining my 02-04 harness to function with the 05-06 ECU is possible. I don't know much about wiring, but know how to depin a plug, and know how to take my time and label everything.

1. Is there anything else I'm missing? Is there anything involved beyond just moving around pins in their respective plugs?

2. Where can I find the wiring diagrams so I can begin to determine what needs to be moved and where? Also any helpful FAQ's would be good.

3. Anyone done this before?
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If you look at my post a couple down i believe the only key differences are the VTC oil control solenoid wiring and the speed sensor.

The rest is just simple repin the plugs to match wiring diagrams. The VTC oil control solenoid needs to have the negative (VTC- on the a2 harness) grounded directly, and the speed sensors function differently, so im not sure how you would go about that. Also, 05s dont have the reverse lockout solenoid so that wont function i guess.

Anyone with more knowledge may help?
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