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little update.
took the car to the past event on July 24th. ran 11.60 then 11.55 trapping 118 on my qualifying passes. during 1st rnd eliminations I was ahead by 3 tenths then ran out of gas in 3rd gear. I still had fun even tho I eliminated myself because of user error. Im still broke so it looks like I'm running this stock motor (cam'd) for the rest on the year.
I have done the same exact thing in a little turbo car I used to run at the track all the time. 1992 Sentra SE-R with a Sr20DET on 9psi. The gas needle never read exactly right. One Sunday I took it to the track and as soon as I hit 4th gear it popped and lost all power. I immediately looked in the rear view to see if it was smoking. Just for a second, it stumbled and then it started to idle fine. I pulled over to the side of the track and it sounded fine and revved fine. I took off on it towards the track turn off and smacked it again and it did it again! I putted back over to the pits and could not figure out for the life of me what was going on. Gas needle was reading that it had some gas. IT WAS EMPTY!!!! threw in a few gallons of race gas at the track and continued to beat the daylights out of it the rest of the day. I felt so dumb though.............

You got a good running stock engine. Not to mention our cars are the same color so Im all about it. Good luck with it :up:
141 - 143 of 143 Posts
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