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New time k20z1 eg

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This is my new best time [email protected] setup is a 05 k20z1 with a ported rbc and 70mm TB.
[email protected] 4/25/2010
skunk 2 cams
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i put in some skunk stage 2's.
any dyno # with those cams?
233whp sae and 240 actual. i think, somewhere around there.
bump..... nice run car looks good it will keep getting faster cause i ran 11.48 at 117 mph and it was a k20z3 with skunk 2 stage 3s stock bottom end
It will do 11.50's next time out. Last I had a fuel pump issue so I didn't get a run.
Let us know how it goes??? What was the tq # with those cams?
Shifts sound good that bitch is movin
that motor is a soilder lol see what happens when u let a motor sleep for hella long =P lol jk, good job homie!! only gets better
81 - 100 of 143 Posts
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