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That looked like a very nice pass. :up:
3 Q's:
Do I hear you shifting to 5th?
What was your launch rpm?
Weight of your car?
Full interior minus back seat, dash has never been taken out. Carbon fiber hood and no bumper reinforcements. Scales are not working at that track.
223 whp 164 with stock TB, 70mm was put on a day b4 the track
23x8x13 6.5 psi before burnout

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Thank you for showing me its possible and proving those people who told me other wise no.

Im trying to aim breaking 11's stock block with my set-up

do you know your weight estimate? which chassis are you running.

my del sol doesn't have bumper reinforcements either, k20z1 stock block, rbc 70mm with 70mm TB coming soon.

my weight is around 2280 right now trying to bring it down closer to 2k

Any tips advice?

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1.62 60ft shifting at 9k. And I don't think the 4.7 is helping anything if I was using a 4.4 tranny I would be using 22 inch slicks and ending the track at the same rpm in 4th.
I wonder if your 60 foot time and MPH would be the same with a 4.4 and 22" tall tire? We could speculate all day about this, but it is safe to say that your setup is working really good for you.

Awesome times for a stock Z1 block. :up:

Do you have any future plans to try and go faster?
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