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NOTE: Im in canada, willing to ship, let me know a Zip and ill get a quote
1994 Civic EX Coupe (US Model)
• ABS Pump and brake lines
• ABS module
• (anything you need from the ABS system let me know… ive got everything you need, plus ill give you a manual for the car on CD so you know how to wire it up… LOL)
• Power Steering Rack

EG Civic
• RPM Cluster with tach
• B-series mounts for EG (I think I have them all, ill check if inquired)
• B-series shift linkage into EG *free short sifter*
• Tokico Illumina rear shocks with skunk2 coilovers
• Stock front shocks
• One front Skunk2 Coilver (other one free, sleeve is cracked)
• 02 Sensor for older Civics 4-wire

1995 Civic DX
• Cylinder Head (almost anything you need)
• Crank
• Rods
• (Random stuff from the longblock, ask)

2003 Accord 2.4L
• Cylinder Head (no camgears or holders)
• Intake Mani
• Exhaust Manifold (upper)
• Powersteering pump
• AC compressor
• Pistons/Rods -
• EGR system

RSX type S
• intake manifold
• Clutch/Flywheel/Pressure Plate (needs to be resurfaced, like $50 anywhere)

-Chipped P30 ECU B18 VTEC 8500 RPM
-02 Sensor for older Accords 4-wire
-B-series TPS
-new BLACK Ractive harness, This was featured in SuperStreet's part's guide!!!!!!!!!!!! (nicest part ive ever seen from Ractive...)
-Autogauge 4.75" (not sure, i measure OD) black face tach with shift light
- White faced water temp guage
- White faced oil temp guage
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