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New nitrous express direct port kit with bottle warmer full accessories minus bottle.cost over 1200 ..800 bucks obo

Manuf. Part #: 80004EFI

List Price: $923.00

System includes Pure-Flo bottle valve, 60 amp relay, wide-open throttle switch, jets for all horsedpower settings. The NX direct port EFI systems are for the crowd who have already modified their engines with high strength internal engine parts. These systems utilize the patented NX "Piranha" nozzle and are adjustable up to, and beyond, 500 horsepower! Available standard with high tech distribution blocks or optionl "Next Generation" rail technology or "Shower Head" distribution blocks. Premium pump gas combined with "NX Power Booster" or other octane booster is recommended for all kits up to 150 horsepower. For higher horsepower applications, race fuel is required to prevent detonation.


Nitrous Express GenX-1 Nitrous Oxide Upgrade Kit
Manuf. Part #: GEN-X

List Price: $414.00

Includes: bottle header, N20 pressure gauge, fuel switch, blowdown tube and fitting
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