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What up dudes and dudettes.

New to the Honda world, background has been mostly muscle cars, diesels, rock crawling, and high speed desert racing like SCORE and BITD. Picked up a BMW 2002 recently with a blown engine and I've been wanting to see whats up with the legendary K motors.

Hoping to learn a lot and get to know some of you. I also make parts (mostly power steering stuff for offroad vehicles) but im hoping to branch out to other facets of motorsports. Hit me up on IG if any of you are on there.


- Travis
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Your aka seems to be program ;). Welcome to

What up dudes and dudettes.
A lot of memories is up, that '74 BMW 2002 remindes me on my granddad's '72 2002 car in orange. My mother told me, that car was that fast accelerating that whenever she drove it she got a speeding ticket 🤣. That time 50-80 hp on 700-1100 kg cars was typical, but 100 hp on 940 kg chassis was rare. My fathers NSU Prinz 1000 TTS, which made 70 hp on 700 kg was much faster accelerating, was a little mans Porsche killer. The version of my dad made around 82 hp. The 1000 stands for the displacement of 1 Liter, for a 2-valve head with carburettors on a 4 stroke engine, not bad.

Typical race configured NSU 1000 TTS. Those are still popular here in Germany for the slalom and hillclimb race applications :).

What would be your project goal on the 2002?
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welcome. That will be nice project. A K-series will work great in a 2002. I am looking forward to see more.
In case you would like to solicit business on this forum at some point, you need to get vendor status.
Best to contact the admin @LotusElise for this if such activities are anticipated in the future.
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