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Stock 87mm bore K24 New CP 11.5:1 Comp pistons complete with wrist pins, wire locks, oil rings and compression rings, and the pistons of course! Still in box and everything! Only opened to show that they are new with 2 of them having finger prints, lol. Anyways these are CP and worth every penny, not Arias or Wiseco! They cost over $600 and I will settle at the low price of $425! Very firm! These aren't bseires Arias pistons, lol, but they are priced low! As I said what you see is what you get! All new, stil in box, everything still in little packages, still has foam protectants inside so if you want them shipped, I can! I will also consider trades such as Skunk2 Stg. II or III cams Tuner series prefer. with cash on top. Nice intake mani for B16/TypeR with cash on top, OBX or real TypeR LSD new str8 up. A few more things to. Pm me what you have in mind, thanks. Cash is def. needed though. I'm sticking to Bseries a little longer so whatever part you offer me have to be for Bseries...
Free shipping! Free Paypal! Pics below! Local pick up is fine as well!

i advise you to break up your sentences. your paragraph just turns away ppl from even reading it.
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