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New issue of Sport Compact Car has the K24 block swap info.

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This subject has been talked about by many people. The facts are in the article.

brian g
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supafly said:

Not impressed with the power.. Rather have the R stock.
It kicks the stock type R's ass in heavy car like the 02 Si. Compare torque not horse power. HP is just a measurement of work not force.
supafly said:
I believe in the mag it gained 20 hp which was like base 165 and then went to 185, The torque was about the same gains. but didn't exceed 164 if I recall correctly. Mag is at shop... So in essence 185 max hp and 164 torque vs. type r with same mods intake header ex computer 210-230 hp with 161- 167 torque.
You're cracking me up dude. Keep an open mind, you're dissing something you have no experience with. You remind me of my son when I tried to get him to eat squash. "Oh no I'm not eating that stuff, it tastes horrible." He'd never tried it before.

Oh, and I love your, "This is an unbiased link that shows k24 bottom with k20a2 head" Why would I be biased? What's my motive? I don't sell any parts for block swaps. That project engine even went into a Civic Si which doesn't require a Hasport mount kit.

And I wouldn't get too caught up on the numbers your reciting. The dynos numbers quoted occurred on two different Dynojet dynos taken about 3-6 months apart. The accurate figures were taken on a Dynapack but Sport Compact Car will only quote Dynojet numbers.

Having driven Civics and Integras powered by: K24A, K24A with RSX head , K24A with RSX head and type R cams, K20A2, K20A3, K20A, and not to mention K20A supercharged, K24 with RSX head supercharged, built K20A2 with turbo, K20A with turbo and K20A2 with turbo, I was impressed.

I'll try to dig up the Dynapack numbers, maybe I kept them. This project was from August or September 2002.

brian g
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Thanks for directly responding to my argument point by point. You really know your stuff.

brian g
94EG said:
Also, are the TSX ports any different from the R and S? I would think since it has 20hp less than the R and the same as a type S, they would be the same, with only valvetrain differences.

Also, does the type R recieve porting like the B series head did?
The port dimensions of the R and S are the same. The Type R doesn't have hand porting like the old B-series did.

The TSX head is like an RSX head with EGR ports cast in.

The cam profiles are different for the TSX and RSX because of the longer stroke of the K24. It must produce peak HP at a lower rpm. With the right cam profile and intake manifold the TSX can produce hp at high rpm, but you wouldn't be able to get 250,000 miles from it. It would produce more hp than the Type R or S and a lot more torque too.

As a side note, I just ran a K24A4 Accord powered EG on a dyno to day and it made 145 ft/lbs of torque and 153 whp. That was a stock K24A with Hasport header and Hondata K-pro ECU. I believe a few hours of dyno tuning would yeild another 10 or more hp.

brian g
1 - 5 of 33 Posts
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