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New issue of Sport Compact Car has the K24 block swap info.

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This subject has been talked about by many people. The facts are in the article.

brian g
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supafly said:
Hey,,, No prob Im here to help.
Supa are you seeing here?

2.0 Liter cams/Cylinder Head, on a 2.4 liter you are not going to see any real gains, until you do something about that.
... Whos gonna stay stock, your swappping and mix matching honda engines parts.

If your looking to use the stock oem stuff for the k24 it's not for you people. If you are looking for performance.
R-Spec said:
what about this set up?
K24 block
k20a head
k20a tranny
k24a2 pistons

so you would have a the 2.4L, the better flowing head w/ the performance I-VTEC (as apposed to the i-vtec that came in most of the k24 engines, like cr-v), the 6 speed tranny w/ lsd, and a moderate cr of about 10.5:1
Are you talking to yourself?
2.0 head limits the block, and I would say the transmission also.
R-Spec said:
what do you mean the 2L head limits the block?
It's common sense, it flows enough air for a k20 not a k24, the camshaft also plays a role also.
94EG no improvising on what I say!

No I'm not saying there for performance matter of fact, I've already said that. I don't like the TSX head, its EGR equipped, and you have to modify it to fit another manifold. I don't really care for what Hytech is doing, I'm not going to destroke anything. I'm also not going to use generic camshafts either.
94EG said:
How come you don't like what hytech is doing? Destroking a f***ed up block is a great way to fix the Rod Stroke ratio and get much better mid & top end power. It also keeps exhaust reversion to a minimum at overlap.
I'll say it once again.
I dont care about hytech, the block is not fucked up.
Who told you this crap? Better mid, and top end?

Do you watch SCCA touring car? You know what car came in 2nd and lead the most of the race ? Well if you don't know a K24 did in a TSX and it runs very fine against the BMW's, the RSX'es were way back in the pack no where to be seen. :roll:

K24 tsx happens to redline at 7100rpm getting a piston speed of 4612 ft/min and should take that forever, that piston speed is where its getting its torque from (and stroke).

When an Engine needs efficient breathing it has a super fast piston speeds/w 4 valves per cylinder.

BTW dwells are better with longers strokes. Also I dont think you know the R/S of a stock k24.
... You know, I think your cheap.
94EG said:
Well if the K24 is kicking but in races, why don't you think its a good idea to do a k24 head swap build up using honda parts?

Also, are the TSX ports any different from the R and S? I would think since it has 20hp less than the R and the same as a type S, they would be the same, with only valvetrain differences.

Also, does the type R recieve porting like the B series head did?
I dont want the EGR on it, I want a nice clean swap not having to modify the head to fit a manifold.

Having the k20 head sent out to be worked on, for a 87mm bore and a 2.4liter displacment, also for some real cams. NO GERNERICS :x
1 - 8 of 33 Posts
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