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i am planning on buying a k24a1 short block, and slapping on my k20a parts. this is going to be a turbo build.

would i be able to use my oil pump and sump? bc i see everyone uses the a2.

should i reuse the oil pump chain or do i have to use a k24a1 oil pump chain?

i know you have to use the k24 timing chain

should i change the chain tenisor?

for the head gasket, which one do i use?
k24a1 or k20a?

for the headstuds, which arp h/s do i use?

which oil pan do i use? k24a1 or k20a

does the oil pan use a gasket?

will the k20a crank pully fit on the k24a1?

will the k20a flywheel and bolts fit on the k24a1 block?

will the k20a engine harness work with the k24a1 block?

if i am missing anything please help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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