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So anyway... I was driving back to my house in my EP3 with my newly K20A2 in it, I had the swap done a few days ago and been driving fine. so it is driving fine untill and I let off the gas in 5th (at around 40mph), the car start shakign. So put it in neutral and it stop, and engage 4th and got back on the gas and it shook hard. I pulled over driving very slowly and it shut down on me. I tried restarted it and it started just fine, but when I take off (the rev goes over 3K) and my car started shaking and turned it self off. After many of tried to start it back on and it keep on shut down right away. So I waited for 20 minutes... and start it back on and it started up fine. I slowly took off and shiting at 2500 rpm the whole way home.

Last corner before my house (1/2 away) I took the turn in neutral and put it in to 3th, and the car started shaking again and shut ifself down while I am still moving. So I pulled over and check all my fluid and everythign was fine. There is plenty of oil and such. the car would not start up again or start up and die right right away.

I got it towed to the shop that did my swap and they are still tryign to diagnotic it and find the problem. It seem to them that the imobolizer are creating this problem... Can anyone help me?

thanks in advan
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