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Need Help Asap!!!

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Can some one help me out? i need some info. what cams would work best wit a k24/k20 12:5.1 pistons aftermarket rods, race headers, custom intake w/ velocity stack, 3' exhaust, upgraded valvetrain, ported rbc. i know ips cams are the best out there are. but is there any other options out there? im trying to make between 270hp and 280hp. i know some one can help me with this.

by the way how are the blueprint cams?
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stage 3's would make good power in that setup. stage 2's would work good too but unless its your daily driver go with stage 3s just be careful advancing the vtc depending on what pistons you have. some cant go past 20 degrees unless the pistons have deep reliefs.
maybe a few hp but not a huge difference. alot more top-end where that k24 block shouldn't be revving to if you want it to be reliable. i'd go with the stage 2s and double check on the pistons and make sure the valve reliefs are deep enough before you go advancing the vtc 50 degrees.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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