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Need Help Asap!!!

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Can some one help me out? i need some info. what cams would work best wit a k24/k20 12:5.1 pistons aftermarket rods, race headers, custom intake w/ velocity stack, 3' exhaust, upgraded valvetrain, ported rbc. i know ips cams are the best out there are. but is there any other options out there? im trying to make between 270hp and 280hp. i know some one can help me with this.

by the way how are the blueprint cams?
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I have CP pistons and it is going to be my daily driver. will there be a big difference in power between the 2's and the 3's???
Would it be a big risk reving high even with a type s oil pump and some work done to the crank? i had it knife edged micro polished and balanced
Thanx for the info. i have a set of blueprint stage 2 brand new and i didnt know if those were good enough for the type of power i want. i bought these so long ago and didnt know much about them. besides the mods i posted im using a ported rbc bdl 70mm tb and a 4-1 ssr race header wit a custon 3'inch exhaust. but someone on here told me to sell those cams and buy some skunk2 stage 3's.

i guess i cant go wrong with either set of cams. i like ips cams but the price is kinda high.
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