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need a shell!

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i need an ingegra shell (dc2) or eg or ek hatch shell does anyone know where i can find either...for good prices??? :?:
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i have a 93 civic coupe shell here in the reno nevada area for $1000-- its clean i looked at it myself if you want the guys # let me know
hey evil can you pm me that guys # for that civic shell if the other guy does'nt want it???been looking for a cpe for awhile...thanks
I am breaking my race spec DC2 in the UK, I have a complete shell with doors tailgate, suspensions, etc. I will remove the front lights, bumper and bonnet, so it will still be a rolling shell, with all the small parts left in the car. It is undamaged in white. Looking for £1250 pounds, the car is in the UK, will have full papers and ID for registration.
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