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we'll here is my current and hopefully final chassis i keep. I'm sure most of you saw my PB+J ekk24turbo build thread a while back. We'll that car was finished, wasn't happy with it, then parted and sold... here is my favorite pic of it I took before it was long gone...

Now onto the new:
Currently this is what I'm working with:
-1992 Honda Civic Cx hatchback that the prior owner had color changed inside/out to s2000 laguna blue. Here is a link w/ some of his old pics of it as i couldn't link the pics themselves because of photobucket...

I picked the car up in rough shape, on steelies, a mess.
Since picking it up I have purchased (to fix it's rough shape):
-new main harness (old one was hacked to shit)
-del sol SI rear disc brake setup w/ dc2 cables
-oem front ex spindles w/ new pads/rotors/extended studs
-ep3 front and rear seats
-oem ex/si front lip
-oem mudguards front and rear
-oem honda eg6 headlamps
-spoon carbon fiber mirrors
-spoon carbon fiber duckbill
-smoked amber stanley sidemarkers
-smoked amber vision corners
-a new nose cut off another civic to fix the radiator support/etc.

Aside from that, the car is due to go to the paintman this tuesday for a new coat of Laguna blue in the engine bay as well as the new radiator support put on and straightened/aligned. I will have many many updates soon as that follows!

Parts on hand ready to go into the car when it comes back:
-k24a1 swap w/ rsx-s 6speed trans and AFI sidewinder kit I had on my ek that made 310whp/280tq at 8psi
-walbro pump
-prosport boost/oil pressure gauges
-AEM 5gallon methanol injection kit
-hybrid racing gen 2 mounts
-base ep3 axles
-rsx-s halfshaft
-new rsx-s shiftbox and cables
-hybrid racing swap harness
-pc680 battery and mounting tray to be tucked up under the dash
-aeromotive regulator w/ -6an braided lines running from the tank forward
-lots and lots and lots more

I got rid of my ek for the sole reason it was not comfortable to drive, too bumpy, too noisy, too loud. It sure as hell was fast, but that didnt make it enjoyable enough to keep it in my eyes. This new EG, will have full front and rear seats, full carpet, all interior panels, not-so stiff i break my back suspension, and maybe even a radio haha, we will see. This will be a drivers car, a car for me to enjoy every second of beating the piss out of it with a smile on my face, and not to mention hopefully a bit faster than last years setup, too...


Ok, so I told you all this cars front end was mangled right... I had a whole nose cut off another civic to fix it, right... Look whats done overnight, literally...

-car has a front end again! (bumper/lights/fender were basically just held on there thats why the bad fitment)

-before I sent it for the bodywork/paint I filled a bunch of holes I knew I wouldn't be using and grinded down many of the studs protruding from the firewall I knew I would not be utilizing.

I like the whole total shave/tuck jobs, but to me I think it looks a bit more raw without everything smoothed over. I think this will do it for me!

I also saw the PPG color sitting in the can, looks super good!


Here is just a taste of some of the stacks of parts waiting for this piece:

Rear-view, just got the car settled in the garage the other day. Suspension/brakes have been removed completely as you can see. yes this is a shitty picture...

Frontal view of that nicely cleaned up bay, and once again front suspension and brakes removed.

I'm starting to move my tools/parts down to the new garage and will have most it all there come the weekend/upcoming week. I've got to get the new suspension/brakes/clean all of it up that needs to be clean and throw it all in before I drop the motor in there... very soon!

ended up renting a flaring tool from Autozone after work, to my luck it was brand new in the box, so I had a better chance of the POS actually working, and guess what, perfect 45degree double flare first try, my rear hardline has been fixed and I ended up getting all of the rear-disc attached just now, finally...

Here are some pics from earlier in the day...

My newer front spindles w/ the arp extended studs

New shot of the engine bay and brand new oem brake hardlines and mounts just sitting in there. I cleaned up the subframe/etc a bit but remember the k24 is going in there along w/ the sidewinder turbo setup so you will never see down there, or else I would have had it all powdercoated but I didn't feel justified.

Also got my Blox LCA's fitted (spare the blox bashing, I got the so cheap I don't care if the bushings fail some day), and as soon as my order from Majestic Honda of all new strut top nuts, rear engine mount bolts, and rear strut to LCA bolts come in I will have my function and forms on and it will be ready for the motor to go in!

Here are the updates for today...
-cleaned the messy garage, haha
-got the e-brake cables for the rear discs installed and ready to go, just need to adjust them, so now both sides rer disc are all set, just need to bleed the brakes
-Mounted the ep3/rsx CR radiator with the nice and fancy KTUNED radiator brackets
-tried to figure out where to mount my battery, I have the pc680 w/the aluminum mount for it, I think it's going to behind the passenger seat for ease of access and the only good solid place I could figure...

the heart of the beast before it goes in, I still need to find a way to clean up the oxidized aluminum motor/trans better before I drop it in.

soon it will be in that bay, sooon

radiator test mounted, I dont get the minor gangster lean towards the pass side. It was installed correctly as can be, o well.

Basically, the motor is ready to go in, just need to give it a final clean up and get my 3 rear motor mount bolts in the mail from majestic honda. Hope you like what you see...

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motor has been degreased and cleaned up the best I could, oxidation is a lot still there, but atleast its grease/dirt free! and fixed some of the leaky coolant bypass hoses. Basically, the motor is ready to be dropped in, I have already attached the bumper crash bar to use as the hoisting point to keep the towstraps away from my new paint and got the hoist in position... just waiting on my nuts/bolts to come in tomorrow via. fedex!

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well here it is, got this done in about 2hrs flat today...

-installed my rear function/form coilovers and put some steelies on the back so I could take the car off the jackstands and hoist that bitch way up in the air haha
-put the motor in there, just have to wire it up and put the axles in on my next day off hopefully thursday. Then it will be time for the turbo stuff to get back on there!

there she is in all her k24 glory, haha. Time for a new valvecover color, hmmnn...

trans-side shot, this was as clean as I could get the motor/trans, not bad I guess

how she sleeps for now...

I'd like to thank masking tape for keeping my bay scratch free and hybrid-racing for all their superior products!

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Still going to be Turbo?

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what crappy pics, I apoligize... but heres the rundown of today...
-got the engine/charge harness ran
-mounted the turbo mani/turbo
-clutch line ran and slave cylinder put on
-and more...

sits in there nicely, the chargepiping/couplers are just mock-up, I'm going to use a 90degree bend instead of the ugly 90 coupler...

a shot from when I left shop, aeromotive FPR mounted, fuel pressure gauge mounted on the rail, and fuel return line ran...

tomorrow is my day off, hoping to wrap up a bunch more stuff... also have to change my girlfriends oil, and possibly drive to NH with my little brother to look at a nice mint EM1... more pics tomorrow...

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im going to get a all black couplers as is and use a straight one for the piece and weld up the chargepiping as 2 pieces total... one from the tb to intercooler and one from the turbo to intercooler... those will be powdercoated black w/ gold flake as well as the valvecover... thats last though, still need to find a new kpro for cheap damn thieves!!!!

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no time to work on my own car, drove to eastoshkosh today and picked up this for my brother...

1999 milano red SI coupe, nice ass first car I must say... lucky bastard

couldnt believe how clean it was under the hood and interior

just needs a couple little touchups/dings/scratches fixed and it will look brand new!

now, tomorrow I plan on squeezing in some time for my own car!
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