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NA k24 EP3 build

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Well after some ass clown sold me a k24a1 with a spun rod bearing I decided on a stock rebuild which then turned into a full on forged build..... Just got the block and crank back from the machine shop last night

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damn that sucks, looking forward to this build
got any pics of the car it's going in? or any other details on the build?
sorry it so vague. heres the car

some of the specs are....

CP 12.5:1 pistons
kelford 179b cams
ported RBC
74mm hr TB
precision 650cc injectors
obx race header

should be a fun car plan to auto x and hopefully road race her if i find the time this summer. kinda just like the idea of rolling up next to my buddies sti and walking away from him without the use of a turbo.

thats my chicks si in the back thats our kid hauler
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oh yeah and I got the oil holes plugged and the crank plastiguaged and installed. hopefully tuesday we get the rings gapped and pistons installed. doing a stock 08 Si 6 speed lsd trans at the same time along with all the normal mods associated with a build like this i/e mounts, exhaust, fuel pump, blah blah blah. trying to keep the engine bay as simple as possible engine cover and no fancy painted valve cover. "its a stock a1 bottom end with a z3 head and IM" hehehehe

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Hey bodyman i still need an oem 87.5mm k24a2 head gasket, s2k water fitting, and some other misc honda parts. Also thinking about those shift springs and oil pan baffel as well since I do wanna track this someday. Can I send you a parts list and you make me a quote?
good going.. nice to see someone with an identical build to mine.. just waiting to buy cams and do the machining... im doing the cartel 3.2
Sweet deal. You might wanna drop yer parts off at the mwchine shop now cuz mine took quite a while but u cant rush perfection.
Cams showed up today! on friday the 22nd my buddy is coming over and were taking his 03 ep3 all back to stock so he can sell it (having baby). im picking up a his z3 engine and trans (selling the z3 engine), avid mounts, obx race header, bigger brakes, and some other suspension goodies and a virgin RSX ECU. Hoping that saturday I will find some time to fit the rings and mount the oil pump and pan. got a stack of parts coming on the 21st from majestic honda with any luck i can fully assemble the motor on the 22nd but thats prolly a dream.
Looking good! Im hoping to start a engine build myself for my ep.
Thanx guys. Managed to get a few more things done. Dont mind the old nasty guides new ones are on the way I just wanted to see it kinda looking like a motor again. Still need to put the new pump spring in along with ordering up my baffle for the pan since I plan on doing some high speeds corners.

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I just did a k24 swap in my ep3 and I'm having clearance issues with the RBC. Just wondering if you are prepared for that?
Progress:up: I need one of those timing chain brackets myself.
Yeah ive got 2 buddies with rbc intakes on there ep3s but botb are running k20s.... im hoping the 19mm taller deck wont be too much more of a pain to make it fit.
Progress:up: I need one of those timing chain brackets myself.
They are $50 from scott at hpt. Dont forget s z3 upper timing chain cover.
They are $50 from scott at hpt. Dont forget s z3 upper timing chain cover.
Yeah going to order one shortly, already have the z3 cover and just dropped in the coolant diverter.
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