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looks like i will be starting to gather up a turbo kit. goal is 600whp on my current motor, and build a sleeved block on the side, ready to make 700-800ish whp..

k24a4 w/ k20z3 head
supertech springs, retainers
12.5:1 wiseco
H-beam ge rods
ARP headstuds/rods bolts
ported rbc
74mm hybrid TB
OEM head gasket
455 fuel pump (in tank)
ID 1000cc injectors
E98 fuel

Now the insight i'm looking for are suggestions in manifolds, turbo sizes/types, cams, ect..

The block i plan on building on the side
k24 (87x99)
unsure what sleeves
unsure on what pistons/rods..

Not looking to argue with anyone, just trying to get some advice from guys who have/have build/have tuned higher hp setups..

thanks for any help
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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