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My write-up thread

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Just making this so I can put a link to it in my signature, and compile my write-ups into one thread so they can be accessed easier, as I am not looking to have each one stickied.

For an in-depth look of many detailed and helpful write-ups from others on check Signalpukes DIY and FAQ thread in the "General K series related talk" section of the forum.

Or Click here: >>>>> DIY and FAQ <<<<< READ ME!!!

My writeups:

General K series related talk
Compression and Leakdown tests
-What they are and how to interpert them
All Motor K series technical discussion
Coming soon...

Forced induction and Nitrous K series discussion
Why: Your Vacuum gauge is important
-An explanation of what vacuum is, what it does, what can affect vacuum and how you can tell using your boost gauge

Suspension, Handling, Body and Apperance corner
Brake Systems - Making your own
-This thread is detailed in the basics of brake systems and fluid hydraulics. A touch into the more technical pieces of the brake system and introduction to making your own brake hardlines for your vehicle. Photos included
PIC Performance: Suspension Review
-A thread about PIC suspension, and a few other products they make for the honda enthusiast.

Engine Building
Explanation of "Balancing"
-Gives the basic idea and steps taken to balance the internal working parts of an engine.
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I unlocked the DIY/FAQ in the intro section, so if anyone would like to contribute an article they can. Also, if you come across a thread that really helped you out, link it there and it will probably be added :up:
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