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my mid engine k crx

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this is my crx. ive had it for 8 years and recently i watched a video on a rwd gsr crx. i cant stop thinking about it and since i want this to be my last big honda build i want to build a "sports car" of sorts. i want a k since even stock it will be quick and reliable. so here we go...

(also, not to be rude but I'm not posting this for input. Just for fun)

how it sat in the begining of this. it was already mid build when i changed my mind.

this is my buddy jordan helping me chop up a donor

and to be honest i havent been super adoment about taking a lot of pictures so here is the trimmed up version of that cut off front end. more pics very soon
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Great work, that thing should be pretty stiff in the rear. I would absolutely love to do something like this to a DC5
It's going to be crazy to see people cutting up cars like that ten years from now when ef's and eg's are extinct. That would be an awesome build. I like the older cars but I have a soft spot for rsx's
Got the start of my air box welded on today

There will be a lid welded on this box with a bolted on door for filter removal

Then there will be a carbon fiber side vent that attaches to where the gas door used to be. It will get all of its air from this vent.

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U 1 CRazii guy

progress is great .. looking forward to seeing more.
Got my pipe in today and will be finishing the air box
Still waiting for my couplers to come in but I made due

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I know it seems silly to be working on the intake already but I have to finish this before the firewall cause it will be really hard to work in the bay when that's finished

(edit) while standing in the bay to get a pic of something for a friend I realized it looks pretty cool from this angle. Lol

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Engine looks like new!
More on the air box

All ground down, just need to cut the three inch hole for the pipe, weld the pipe to the lid, then weld some tabs for the lid to be bolted to the box.

I'll have to finish tomorrow, my friend Jordan has a 3 inch hole saw I need to barow.
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I hate when things don't work out. Finished this whole air box lid, welded it all up, but the heat warped the lid now it's crooked, some of my hardware doesn't line up, I'm going to remake this lid, and cut out the weld nut tabs in the air box and start over. How frustrating

Looks pretty, but it's not going to work

Thought up a new design so I will try to start on it tomorow. I need to finish this part
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Pulled the engine out tonight. I have pretty much just been grinding and smoothing. Not much else. At this point the crx build is running low on funds, realistically if I were a single man all of my funds would be crx funds, but I got a family, can't be a frivolous spender. Anyways, for the time being, pulled out the engine to FINISH this bay. Including framing (little left on the under side of the car) and a little bit left on fender wells. still haven't started the firewall but I have reasons for that. I've heard hasport and innovative mounts lace the engine very differently and I need to make sure my base rsx axles won't bind with the inovative mounts. Secondly I'm glad I haven't started the firewall because my plan was to make it so the engine can still come out of the top, but after tonight I realize I would destroy firewall, paint, brackets, trying to ever get this out the top later. So I now know this will be a drop out the bottom engine forever, and that changes some of my design ideas. Anyways, heres a pic of the monster

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Tonight I modified the rear traction bar, no longer a place to bolt it to the tow hook locations anyways, so I welded it. I wanted it welded either way because i like the idea of it becoming permanently part of the structure of the car. It's bolted by the two subframe bolts, then welded to the frame rails.

I haven't tried, so I don't know for SURE, but measuring tells me this bar will not interfere with engine removal. 99 percent sure :)
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So... How long until I can purchase parts to do this on crx?

Lol just kidding man.

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Full bolt in kit, maybe bwr should get on the ball! Lol
Right now the car is about 1-2 inches lower than it will be when it's on the road. And that should be perfect since after test fitting the rsx base axles they angle up just barely. So they should sit flat later on.

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Was looking through some very old pictures, so just for fun ill post them. My brother gave me this car when I was 17. He owned a body shop and wanted to paint it, (it was a bone stock black crx back then) I told him how I would want it and he delivered. Haha, this was in 2004

He did an amazing job on the paint but after about 7 years the clear coat could no longer handle our horrid summers.

When I'm done he will be repainting it for me (warranty lol) will be the same chevy blazer yellow my brother had chosen. Gotta keep with tradition!
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No updates
Had to roll the crx out to clean the garage, figured I'd snap some pictures.
I'll get back to it soon though

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Been working on my calipers. Still using front 90-91 ex knuckles and brakes with the 10.3 rotors and was going to use stock Ef si/dx brakes in the rear but even the standard 9.5 rotors with Ef calipers looked way too big back there. I chose 84-87 calipers and rotors for my rear. They are a direct bolt on, smaller calipers and 9.1 inch rotors. They look more like rears now.
I soaked all of my calipers in vinegar for a night then scrubbed them to bare metal the next day. Then silver caliper paint and a rebuild kit for each one. New boots and seals.

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