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My K24a2...

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So i just recieved my motor and I had a few questions. I noticed that it is missing a few things. I didn't have time to really sit down and check it out, but I did snap a few pictures. So maybe you guys can help me out a little.
Just post up anything that you can notice is missing...

Also in this first picture can anyone tell me what type of tranny may have been attached to this motor? (Auto or manual)

I know I didn't get my P/S pump which I was hoping for, but it seems that both wiring harness are there... I also was hoping to get the other section of the exhaust mani so i could run the OEM setup for a little while, so i can save for a nice header...

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And a big thanks to my mechanic for helping me get it out of the truck :wink:

I will be getting some better more detailed pictures later tonight :up:
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No thats my pops...

here is a pic of the broken down ass hatch tghat the motor is going in to...

Give me a minute and I'll get my pic up :up:
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check the avatar :cool:

and lets stop talkin about me and my mechanic and lets get down to the motor... How does she look?
I am thinking about trying to use the TSX tranny but I gotta find a mount...

If not probly a uSDM K20a2 tranny. I also am going to be looking for an LSD, I am pretty sure they make one for the K20a2 but not to sure about the K24a2...

So we are missing a starter, P/S pump, and half of my Exhaust mani. Also didn't get my OEM Computer or axles which I was supposed to get...

Also do these K motors have Distributors?
nikos said:
I just don't know what is needed exactly.
thats quote material, for sure...

someone help me start getting all these little things I need to get this thing in my car...
yah, thats what i figured. My dad was trying to tell me that it didn't come with spark plugs. when I ttok off the cover and showed them to him he told me, no I think those are the injectors. then I ttok off theother cover and he said, ohh I guess those are the sparks plugs...

I guess we were both wrong. Individualized coils, ehh? I bet those are pretty expensive to replace...

So the starter would go where that big hole is in the tranny area correct?
Also i am going to be pulling the wiring harness off here soon. I know I got the charging harness because I got the battery termianl connectors. Anything i should be looking for to make sur I got both harness? What does the other harness connect to? I know I got teh charging harness and I think I got the other one but how can I tell? they are 2 seperate harness right?
hybrid racing said:
Correct, It slides under the intake manifold into the tranny. Looks like this motor came out of an Automatic. You are going to need a flywheel and intermidate shaft as well.

Looks clean how many miles?

Should be between 10-100, I got it from Alberto on H-T.

It was supposed to be a manual... anything i am going to need to change over to make it run correctly in a manual form?
HotWheelz said:
get an RSX-S harness, get a RSX tB, you need a jackshaft, match's the tranny your getting (i used 5 speed one) missing some stuff on the rear of engine but all cosmetic sheilds etc.. no biggy.
alright cool, I think I am going to be using a PnP harness from one of the few distributors so I shouldn't need the new RSX harness right? (If I get an RSX PNP harness for an RSX)

HotWheelz said:
motor looks intact

no ps,
no alt,
no compressor
no jackshaft
Wrong wiring harness
wrong tb
change passenger block mount to "crv one" top mount use RSX (any)
which compressor would you be reffering to? and jackshaft? and by wrong throttle body you mean I got to get rid of the drive by wire right? and new mounts, I'll need these even if I get the Hasport or Hybrid mounts?

HotWheelz said:
you need the log flywheel bolts from a staindard, not auto, and get a flywheel, i suggest the CRV flywheel and clutch, been giving mine hell, and still perfect, after many many many hard lauches and naildown.

if you look at the CRV clutch compared to the RSX-S you'll noticed something different ;)

with the top parts and a couple wiring changes you be ok..
You think the CRV stuff would be better than any aftermarket stuff? I am going to try and use the TSX tranny...

HotWheelz said:
if you change the manifold you must change the rail also, but the injectors are tigher to install in another manifold.. be careful removing them not to rip the o-rings.

oh and Kpro must.. :)

thank nikos, i woudln't have seen this post, been occupied working on my new motor...

and I am alos going to be using eigther the K-pro or the AEM EMS, and I am going to be trying to use the Euro R mani and throttle body, I just gotta do some more research about it...
nikos said:
You will need the Rsx type S engine harness. The pnp harness is for the dash to connect the ecu with the cluster.
What? I hate wiring... :mad:

So i need the RSX-S harness, the TSX charging harness, my Civic engine harness, and my civic chagring harness?

I was told my hybrid and Hasport that eigther would need all 4 harness (as cores) for them to send me the PNP harness. I would have thought it would take care of everything?
I got a couple more pics...

Just to show you the TSX goodness... :cool:

and my personal favorite...

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So with the better pictures maybve someone can notice something that i did not...

So far I am missing starter, alternator, P/S pump...

any comments, idea, suggestions welcome... :cool:
Yah, it does seem that the motor is of the Auto type. Is that going to be a problem in any way? Is there any differences in the motor other than the ECU and some stuff with the fly wheel clutch?
hondaluver said:
what about a subframe, ecu, mounts, shifter, shifter cables, all random necessary bolts for the parts to put together. make sure the sensors are all there, such as knock, and the TB sensors... get a k20a2 tranny, add lsd and a upgraded clutch which u are there.
what would i need a sub-frame for?

mounts are being made...

Shifter and cables will be sourced soon. (let me know if you got anything for sale...)

and where might I be able to find all of these sensors to make sure they are there? what should I look for and what do I need to check.

I think I have a starter and a P/S pump on the way... All I still need is an alternator...
NickZED20 said:
i have a PS pump for sale off a 2003 accord 2.4L if you want it

ive got a K24 accord throttle body and intake manifold for sale, let me know if your interested, it will help you get around drive by wire and it has long runners designed for the k24 motors

how much do you want for each of them, and are you sure that the Accord PS pump will bolt up the same?

and does that intake mani bolt right up or will it have problems like the other mani's with coolant ports and so on?
" Quote- Everybody I've talked to says it's too much hassle to fit the TSX tranny in the EK, better off with a K20A or K20A2/3."

why would it be to much hassle? I am talking to one of the mount distributors about getting the mount made (just waiting for the tranny).
That tranny also has the magnesium case so it should be lighter than any other K-series tranny. Also the gearing should be well suited to the torquey motor, and I believe that the gearing is a little longer..

"Quote- I'm not positive, but I think the EK will need a diferent front cross-member to fit the K-series. I was planning on changing mine anyway, but I will test fit so as to get a straight answer on this subject."

And I am not to sure what you are reffering to here. The EK has to front crossmemeber. well not stock at least, I have an aftermarket crossmemebr with traction/radious arms. I think you mean rear crossmember, the one that the steering rack sits in. But no you do not have to change that out, the EK mount kits are all made to olt up with the factory steering rack and rear crossmember.

I have been told though by a pretty reliable source that you can swap in an EG/DC crossmember and steering rack and use the EG/DC rear tranny mount to get a little better ground to oil pan clearance...

Do me a favor and lets just keep the talk in here... that way we can share all the info with everybody else

:cool: :up: :up:
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FROG- I think that when you are thinking of swapping crossmembers you are thinking of the newer civics which you have to change to the RSX sub frame crossmember...

GoldyWang- Ya Alberto did take a little long to ship and I was missing a few things (p/s, alternator, starter, axles, ecu, etc). But I have sourced the first three from Papituyo on this board for $140 shipped to my house. I have yet to really check all the sensors to see what I have and don't have. From what I understand the TSX harness does not work, and I will be needing to get a complete RSX-S harness and switch it over.

Dre- As far as the throttle body issue is concerned I am not to sure what I am going to do yet. So far my options include getting an adapter plate fabbed, getting a new manifold (probly the RBC Euro R mani, then dealing with the throttle body issue again), or just simply running ITB's (which probly wouldn't be a simple task)... As far as mounts and axles and stuff I think I will be gettin g a majority of my stuff from Hybrid. I know that you can't use the TSX ECU simplty because of the throttle body, I would think the logical choice would be the RSX-S but I am not really sure, we may want to confirm with hybrid, Hasport, or hondata... Now that you mention it I am probly missing my intake sensors and I am pretty sure I didn't get that wideband 02 snsor from the exhaust eigther. I am also talking to a local exhaust shop about making me a custom under axle exhaust, and possibly a custom header. But that just really depends on how much $ they want and how much $ I have when that time comes.

and beleive me I know what you are talking about working extra to pay for the swap. I have been working six days a week for about 2-3 months. My car is sitting in my driveway with a blown D just waiting for me to finish...

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dre2004 said:
just bought rsx s ecu $100 shipped
so where did you get it from?

I'm not to sure on the auto - manual conversion. I do know that I tried to take that circular gear off of the block the other night and it is going to be a bitch. the 6 or 8, 12point bolts that are on there are on pretty tight and when I try to loosen them I just spin the gear...


I am planning on doing a write up on my motor and trying to break it down so that everyone will know there motors as well as possible...
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