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My K24a2...

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So i just recieved my motor and I had a few questions. I noticed that it is missing a few things. I didn't have time to really sit down and check it out, but I did snap a few pictures. So maybe you guys can help me out a little.
Just post up anything that you can notice is missing...

Also in this first picture can anyone tell me what type of tranny may have been attached to this motor? (Auto or manual)

I know I didn't get my P/S pump which I was hoping for, but it seems that both wiring harness are there... I also was hoping to get the other section of the exhaust mani so i could run the OEM setup for a little while, so i can save for a nice header...

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looks good, i dont' see a starter.

What trans are you goind to use?
jon v said:
I am thinking about trying to use the TSX tranny but I gotta find a mount...

If not probly a uSDM K20a2 tranny. I also am going to be looking for an LSD, I am pretty sure they make one for the K20a2 but not to sure about the K24a2...

So we are missing a starter, P/S pump, and half of my Exhaust mani. Also didn't get my OEM Computer or axles which I was supposed to get...

Also do these K motors have Distributors?
no distributors, they have individualized coils. If you take the cover off the middle of the valve cover you'll see them. individualized coils > distributor
I just figured i would throw this out there, but i was thinking about putting a k20/24 into my 01 civic coupe. and i was looking at trannies. I was looking at the gear ratios between the si and the tsx and they're kinda similar. I don't know.... Any thoughts?

Gear Ratios: 1st 3.062
2nd 1.769
3rd 1.212
4th 0.921
5th 0.738
Reverse 3.583
Final Drive 4.764

1st 3.267
2nd 1.880
3rd 1.355
4th 1.028
5th 0.825
6th 0.659
Reverse 3.583

Final 4.7
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