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Ok guys, ive been trolling this site for a few months now but i havent posted up. But now thats there a ek forum, ill be posting here freqeuntly! Im just going to start with a little background info about myself an ill put up pic of my car. k20eg did my k20a swap about a month and a half ago into my 96 hatch. I have been totally in love with it since ive had it back. But i have had some bugs to work out and ill be posting up here what ive learned and still will be learning. To help out and get more help out!

First my mod list.
k20a (dc5r)
-hasport mounts
-hasport axles
-k20eg's wiring harness, fuel rail, lines, header
-2.5" magnaflow catback
-areomotive fpr
- mugen wheel with narspec quick release
-99 Civic SI gauge cluster
-new alpine cd player, fold down, remote.....etc top of the line mounted in lower DIN
-60mm autmeter oil presure gauge
-Civic Si center console w/armrest
-9month old bride brix seats with bride rails
-ctr carpet
-viper car alarm with roaming code
-fry fab seatbelt harness bar
-global gaurd tracking unit w/backup battery
-2 set of type R wheels, grey and whilte
-1 set with falken azenias, other set with advan a038r(soft compound)
-JDM Civic Type R Front and rear lip, and grill
-Paint matched moldings
-honda lsd sticker for rear hatch
-benen front and rear tow hooks
-jdm civic type R headlights with raybrig city lgihts and amber corner lights.

Brake & Suspension:
-2000 integra 5lug conversion
-SRR rear LCAS
-tein SS coilovers
-benen front 3pt strut tower bar
-NSX front brake calipers, legend rotors
-integra gsr brake master cly/booster 1inch
-motul rbf600 brake fluid
-goodrich SS brake lines
-cobalt ITR spec pads in rear Ferodo 300s up front
-JDM Integra Type R 23mm rear sway bar w/ beaks kit
Js racing C pillar bar

ill post up more pics later, because im tired right now!

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yes i have been getting tech help very easily, either from k20eg or joe at hasport. the only hard part is that i took my car to california for the swap, so if i have any problems back home eric isnt always the easy to get ahold of,

but hasport has totally been cool to me this far

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hi Im from s.c. and i finished my swap yesterday. I got to drive it and i was pretty much pleased .i still have to work bugs out my self . I need to figure out why my tach want work an figure out a way to get a signal for my temp . just wondering what you may have done to put your temp sensor in and how to run the radiator fan. when i drove it it seem to be a little bit boggy and sputtering , but once out of first gear it was gone. Im thinking it has to do with the fuel and that the air intake was off.
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