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My first datalog, should i be scared?

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Here is my first datalog, I tried first with a different basemap and at part throttle anything over 1000rpm i would get into dangerous A/F ratios.

Nikos suggested i try to just run the K20A2 coldair, so thats what i did and its definately better. I just changed the injectors to 440cc and thats pretty much it. I set revlimit to 4000 for a few reasons, my motor is on break-in and i dont want to lean out, and im scared to hit vtec for the above reasons.

Anyone have and advice? Should i set vtec somewhere and then just rev it higher (slowly watching lambda) taking a wider range datalog?

Here is my setup:

K24/K20a2 hybrid
Stock A2 cams
12.5 compression
DC sport header
Full catback
modified CAI
440cc injectors

the datalog i took is attached. My main concern was the fluctuating idle (it was also very high) and the really choppy A/F ratio. At the end when i started to rev the motor, im not sure what was up with my A/F ratio? Im thinking it had to do with my rev limit at 4000rpm? Because once i hit around 3900 it went crazy lean and then i just turned off the car immediately.

its hard for me, since i dont really have an amazing tuner around where i live... not to mention that my motor is kind of unique (in terms of basemaps).

if possible i would like to just get it running (i dont need high RPM) just to break in my motor with a good A/F ratio, and then when its broken in ill bring it to my tuner to make the nessisary adjustments.

EDIT: OOPS! Forgot JonV, they like pictures :dance:


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accord clutch and flywheel in an RSX housing, no problems at all... its like butter now.
NickZED20 said:
accord clutch and flywheel in an RSX housing, no problems at all... its like butter now.
Good to hear... You are using an RSX starter I assume?
dont even know what my starter is off of, but i can tell you for sure its not from an accord.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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