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My first datalog, should i be scared?

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Here is my first datalog, I tried first with a different basemap and at part throttle anything over 1000rpm i would get into dangerous A/F ratios.

Nikos suggested i try to just run the K20A2 coldair, so thats what i did and its definately better. I just changed the injectors to 440cc and thats pretty much it. I set revlimit to 4000 for a few reasons, my motor is on break-in and i dont want to lean out, and im scared to hit vtec for the above reasons.

Anyone have and advice? Should i set vtec somewhere and then just rev it higher (slowly watching lambda) taking a wider range datalog?

Here is my setup:

K24/K20a2 hybrid
Stock A2 cams
12.5 compression
DC sport header
Full catback
modified CAI
440cc injectors

the datalog i took is attached. My main concern was the fluctuating idle (it was also very high) and the really choppy A/F ratio. At the end when i started to rev the motor, im not sure what was up with my A/F ratio? Im thinking it had to do with my rev limit at 4000rpm? Because once i hit around 3900 it went crazy lean and then i just turned off the car immediately.

its hard for me, since i dont really have an amazing tuner around where i live... not to mention that my motor is kind of unique (in terms of basemaps).

if possible i would like to just get it running (i dont need high RPM) just to break in my motor with a good A/F ratio, and then when its broken in ill bring it to my tuner to make the nessisary adjustments.

EDIT: OOPS! Forgot JonV, they like pictures :dance:


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98specR said:
what rpm is your motor idling at? you mentioned it was fluctuating, between what rpms?

i "set" the idle to 900rpm, but during my datalog the idle was between 1350-1450 rpm, and even one instance it went up to 1750rpm.

i got a code, i believe it was 39-1 but i cant remember right now.
98specR said:
it sounds like you could have a vaccum leak or something. did you perform a "idle learn" yet? how new or old is your t/b?

try to find your leak if you have one. if you don't have a leak try the "wegi" test.
i dont know what any of that is. i probably have a vacuum hose completely off somehwere
ok, i found a vacuum leak on my manifold, and my throttle body wasnt tightend down properly (i didnt do it in the first place since i had to take it off to fix the TPS)

its all good now, im going to take another datalog tommorrow.
i dropped my tranny (pics available soon) and i shimmed the pivot ball but it didnt change anything.

i heard my symptoms could be an inverted clutch, but im pretty sure i put it on correctly (i know its written which side is which on the oem clutch), but i only found out after i dropped my tranny (DOH) so if i want to double check i have to go through all that AGAIN!?
chameleon said:
damn that would suck to build an entire motor but yet install the clutch backwards :p
i cant drop it today, weather is not permitting :(

maybe by monday i will be driving it to school :confused:
Sleepingblacksir said:
you swapped it? :wow:

more pics?...
waht do you mean?

i figured out my clutch problem ,the disc was on backwards...

this time it wasnt as easy as last time, and i didnt get to take any pics. but ive got a few pics from last time on my gallery
Sleepingblacksir said:
me and mt72 had a hard time taking off the flywheel on the crv...oh well bunch of fricking newbs...we broke one oh his tools :silly:
lol... hahahahahahahahahahaha

yea, we should meet up sometime soon. i need to get things together on my car still (its running but that doesnt mean its finished)

unfortunately my car looks like shit because my bumper isnt painted (its grey) and my fenders are discusting.

there is still alot of detail work that needs to be cleaned up also, not to mention the tuning!
accord clutch and flywheel in an RSX housing, no problems at all... its like butter now.
dont even know what my starter is off of, but i can tell you for sure its not from an accord.
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