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96 civic HX K24a
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nice build
Thankyou !
oh snap the work is solid. You will like the throttle response of the shorter intake. If you add up the length of intake piping Honda came up with for the K20 and the K24, it is actually a little bit longer (3.5"-5") than what you have with the short intake in the image. Also Honda's length was also dictated by reaching the air box's placement which could have dictated that length some, so there is a happy medium there to find with the right intake length that works for the engine best per application. I think that what you have will be worth keeping and by simplicity if you are looking to play with the length some you can do that by adjusting the length of pipe b/t.

I always felt that CAI intakes were too long for my builds though there was a top end number change, then when I went to SRI with velocity stack I said hell yeah hell yeah.
Ya vtec was definitely louder with the open v stack and shorty pipe. The local tuner just got a dyno at his shop so hopefully I will be able to get some testing done with the stock k24a before adding new parts. It definitely wants more than 25 vtc and it needs more injector but it feels very strong how it’s running now.
761 - 761 of 761 Posts