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well im new to this forum so i thought id start a build thread/intro, been in the honda scene since around 2000 (clubsi back then) and been on honda-tech since 2002 (earldasquirrel, formerly coptzer on there)

well ive had this car for a month or so now and thought i would make a build thread, ive built a couple nice cars in the past years and decided i wanted to go for more of a "magazine" style of build....

my builds in the past have looked very nice (imo) and i was more about power/function than i was about "baller" name brand parts, so i decided i would take my time and build up a car thats fast in more than a straight line (although i fully intend to drag it)

first off its a 1992 si hatch that i picked up down in harrisburg, pa. It had a jdm d15b with home made turbo kit and hadnt been driven in over 2 years

then i bought a 93 ex coupe that had a built 84mm gsr/turbo set up in it, i stripped it of the motor, doors, and interior wiring harness for power windows/locks

then proceeded to tear apart everything to start cleaning it up, i plan on doing a mild tuck (battery relocated, mild engine harness tuck) still havent picked out a color yet though

some new parts:
stainless brake lines
15/16 master cyliner
upper control arms (camber adjustable, but basically bought bc new ball joints)
manual steering rack FTW
newer 10.2" calipers
vis carbon fiber trunk

last time it was inspected/registered

studs cut off firewall, and every hole im going to shave is grinded ready for welding

started welding and grinding down the welds (this will take forever!!))

the motor setup that i now want (had fully built B turbo ready to drop in) is:
12.5:1 compression
h beam rods
drag cartel cams
undecided on valvetrain (not sure if any brand is better for these cams)
3"high flow cat
Thermal 3" exhaust (thanks d-rob)

plan on trying to make close to 300whp na and maybe a 100 shot on top (for the drags)

some parts so far i have picked up are:
new 1/4 patch panels
cf hood
regamaster evo 4x100 15" +35

jdm power folding mirrors

ssr replica header

new interior panels from a 95 si hatch( black hatch cover, door panels, cluster, carpet etc)
koni yellows
gc coilovers
optional audio console

arp extended wheel studs
inner/outter tie rod ends
wheel bearings
lower ball joints

starting on the body work now, and plan on making it a winter project

if anyone has any recommendation on what parts are best for this type of build let me know

i plan on picking up a k24a2 bottom end, k20a2 head, prb ecu, karcepts shifter box tomorrow and will start the build then

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well today was eventful, sold the block and head to a friend from another forum and picked up:

02-04 rsx type s charge/engine harness
02-04 prb ecu (looks brand new!!)
02 k20a2 longblock (had blown bottom end and was basically picking it up for sensors and all the little stuff i would need, ended up that the head was still good on it!!)
04 k20a2 head
03 k24a4 shortblock
k24a2 6 speed trans

will have pics posted shortly

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its a k24a4, but i am going to try and do an s2k oil pump and its getting eagle rods/cp 12.5:1 pistons
i've been looking at s2k oil pumps too...whats the pros of using this instead of the rsx oil pump...??? anyone?

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looks like fun...its gonna be well worth it at the end :up:

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picked up an rsx shiftbox and karcepts shifter mounting kit, have every wire removed except the srs wires because i cant find my bit for it

products im using for the bodywork/bay

whats left in the interior, and then all i have to do is remove the windows

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