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im in the proscess of building a track car. heres what i got so far.. i figure ill start from the begining and keep updating as time goes by..

i know the title says eg.. i dunno what i was thinking haha

97 ek hatch
1 piece fiberglass front
lexan windows
competition engeneering cage/shoot setup
aluminum dash
air/water intercooler set up
arp extended studs
sparco steering wheel
custom aluminum fuel cell
painless wiring pannel
shell is completely gutted weighs 1262

motor/set up
i picked up a k20a3 complete swap dirt cheap.. $500
my plans are to run the k20a3 block and do pistons and rods,stud it and throw a tsx head on it.. with valvetrain and cams(undecided on cams)

golden eagle fuel rail
aeromotive fpr regulator
moroso catch can

im running the hasport ekk2 mounts

turbo setup
planing on running a borg warner s372 turbo with a sidewinder manifold and a little custom fabrication to make it sit in the front... prob dual gated.. my goal is to be in the 10s with the car weighing around 1900lbs all done

heres some pics of before and after

a pack and a half of cigarettes,waking up at 3am, 17 hours later, trip to boston,mass this is what i came back with..

painted engine bay and started putting some goodies in

ekk2 mounts from hasport

and the motor is in

basically how it sits as of now..

shifter box is in, interrior is painted, painless wiring is wired up!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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