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I have the same conversion in my car. The Rover engine is actually not that bad, it's very light which is what you want in a car weighting only 1600 pounds. It has a bad reputation for being unreliable at 200hp+, but there are examples producing over 240hp (flywheel) which ain't bad for a 1.8. Lotus basically had to take what was offered when they produced the new US certified Elise. Honda wouldn't sell them the K20 because it would compete with the S2000 and the Rover engine was not certified for sale in the States.

Back to the dyno chart, firstly a dynapac is an excellent method of measuring hp second only to an engine dyno, because you're removing the tyres from the equation. Unfortunately a lot of tuners use Shawn Church's dynapac which for whatever reason always reads a lot higher than other dynapac's (and other dyno's) - good for the tuning companies I suppose. My engine on a dynapac in the UK made 200hp at the hubs compared with 247hp for another engine configured exactly the same on Church's dyno. That doesn't mean that you should ignore the results from his dyno just that you should compare the percentage difference between the before and after rather than look at the actual numbers.

I wouldn't read too much into the figures at the beginning of the thread, two different dynos, different conditions and done some time apart. In fact any number from a dyno is pretty meaningless; the only way of correctly determining engine power is to use an engine dyno. A normal dyno is simply a useful tool for comparing changes - the numbers can be anything, it's the percentage difference from one run to another preferably done at the same time that matter (and the shape of the graph).

Hope that makes some sense.
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