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Well Im glad you see numbers that you like.

Imo however theres to many variances between the two dynos for comparasion purposes. In reality even testing your car on another dyno jet or dynopack could yield different figures.

Im not saying that your engine didnt increase power over a break in period but that a truer comparasion would be to run it again on the original dynopack.

Im sure you know this but fyi anyways, Dyno's show hp figures as a measurement of power made at the wheel, hub or flywheel. While things like humidity and temputure can effect what a dyno reads so can different tuners (well at least ones that want to sway the numbers).
But overall its for tuning purposes, generally on the same dyno so one can tell if a mod or adjustment has really increased anything at all.

THe other thing that I think messes with dynos is elevation. I realize that dynos compensate for this but Ive heard alot of guys (I live at a pretty high elevation) mention that there cars dyno higher at 1000 ft than at say 5000 ft.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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