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Well I bought this car from a friend of mine last year (hybridtuner) and started my quest to build a K powered, JDM front end Teg! My friend started this project after he totaled his civic back in 2002. He started the project with the JDM front end conversion and then painted the inside, engine bay, and bottom of the car. I ended up buying the car from him last year and put it in the body shop to have the outside painted. I have since bought a JDM K20 for it and a few other goodies! Hope you enjoy! Feedback welcome.


Paint pics

Engine pics and Paint pics

Intake manifold install & Parts cleaning

Paint & New parts

Here is what the front end came in!

God bless those JDM crates! =)

H Motors Online hooked it up with a very quality front clip. Steve is the man. Excellent products and service.

Here is the car getting stripped.

There was some damage damage to the pass side fender well.

Hybridtuner removed the damage when the radiator support was removed.

Here is a pic of the replacement part.

Removed the sound deadening in the tire well and under the back seats.

Inside all wet sanded.

Here are some pics of the paint.

Everything was primed with Nason 2K primer. 3 coats on the spare tire well and back seat area. 2 coats on the firewall, door and hatch opening. Everything else got only one coat as the rest in not real sensitive areas.

After all the primer was done it was wet sanded smooth then sealed.

After everything was sealed the inside got a good coat of Championship White!:silly:

Inside is all painted =)

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Nice. Looking good! Looks like a top dog strip and paint if u asked me.

Long road your on, good luck.

Like that Championship White, tho I am debating changing my color from it...

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I thought I would post up some pics of the body work I did before I sold it to dave. Huge thanks to my wife for sanding the engine bay.

There is no major damage just a lot of pings and dings. Someone had done a really crappy job of filling these dings before so I took everything down to bare metal to get a fresh start. I sanded the molding holes flat so I can weld them up.

I have a little bit of damage to fix by the taillight. Nothing major, you cant hardly see it after it is grinded. The guy before me backed into a tree and pushed the taillight into the body.


The engine bay is all sanded and ready for primer. Special thanks to my wonderful wife for getting this thing completely sanded!! :p

I ground down the paint around the rear wiper pisser hole so I can weld it up!

Hope everyone enjoys!

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Ok so I got some more pics loaded for Dave. Enjoy:silly:

Here is the prep I did to install the JDM radiator support.

Pic of the side molding getting welded up.

Cleaning the bottom car in preparation for priming.

Primer and sealer pics of the body, wheel wells, and engine bay

sealer pics

Little bit of 5 lug goodness


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I'm completely mesmorized..that is some amazing work. It makes me want to quit my build just because mine isnt even scratching the surface of whats being done here.. even though I'm essentially doing all the same stuff..from the 5 lug.. painted bay.. car.. complete motor build..suspension..etc... great stuff! Wish I had some handy help for mine haha.
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