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Currently I have a 2011 Civic Si FA5. I got it 2 years ago with 34,9xx miles and currently I'm at 93,400 and counting! The car is a daily driver, I beat the balls off of it every day and honestly can say it amazes me how it is still untouched internally. Only major problem I had was at 83,xxx miles the pressure plate began to give out (after letting someone borrow my car :thud: ).

Below is a list of the mods I have done to it, getting ready to throw some BC Stage 2's in there since its head gasket and water pump time soon. In the spring I plan on taking the motor out, throwing it in a EG coupe or hatchback and boosting it, and throwing a torquey k24a2 in here to daily. On 93 the car made 236whp / 174wtq. Every dyno reads different obviously, lowest number it ever saw was 229whp / 168wtq. Using 100 unleaded the car peaked at 238whp (not worth it since its $10 a gallon lol)

-Tuned with Hondata Flashpro
-PLM header
-Custom 70mm exhaust
-3.5" intake powder coated wrinkle black , wrapped with PTP heat tape w/ vibrant filter for wet days, 3.5" v-stack to custom cut headlight on the dry days
-AEM 320lph fuel pump
-RDX injectors at 70% duty cycle
-KTuned fuel rail w/ center feed gauge
-Yosolo ported + polished RBC , 70mm inlet
-Ported TSX throttle body
-Competition Stage 4 six puck sprung
-Competition 11.5lb flywheel
-Insane Shafts 500hp rated Axles
-Hasport 88a rear mount

-AEM 52mm A/F wideband w/ ATi Pod
-AEM 52mm Oil PSI w/ ATi Pod
-Skunk2 Weighted titanium shift knob

-D2 Racing Adjustable Coilovers
-Tanabe front strut tower bar
-Yokohama A048 225/45/17 front, Dunlop Direzza DZ102 215/45/17 rear

The car on the outside is designed to appear as pretty much stock, other than the cut headlight. Feel free to leave feedback, especially on the BC stage 2 cams if there's anything i need to know. I plan on using supertech 95lb spring set up, and supertech nitrate standard size valves, stock port.

Other future mods include: the cams and valvetrain, bigger front breaks, will be getting rid of the Vibrant muffler for a Greddy to reduce cabin drone, looking into sway bars and a rear stabilizer bar (the front got tighter with the Tanabe bar, but the rear feels much more loose), will be rebuilding the trans with OEM 1st-3rd, ITR 4th and 5th gear, TSX 6th gear.

Towards spring of 2016 the k24a2 will be going in with all of the same parts currently on the car.


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