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Hello All. I hope this is the right place to post my 1993 Civic CX endurance/HC race car build. If not, please let me know where it has to go?

Anyway, I like to introduce myself a bit. I started doing autox for fun in the mid 90's with my EF Si and stopped for a while. Fast forward to 2007 when I landed a job working for Cobb Tuning in Salt Lake City, UT I started doing HDPE/Time Attack at the beautiful back then Miller Motorsports Park. The weapon of choice was my highly modified 2005 Subaru WRX STi pictured below:

In 2014, I wanted to do some wheel to wheel racing and I searched. At that time, I was running in a local Time Trial car club in the Boston area known as "COM". I found one member in the club was looking for drivers to do some endurance racing. I got more involved and started doing Chumpcar and from there on, this is where I moved over to AER, (American Endurance Racing series). I have been racing with AER for the past 3 years and I have won few events as a rental driver running other people's cars. This is where it lead me to wanting to build my own endurance car and the Honda Civic is one of the best platform to build upon on.

The goal for this build as follow. This section will be updated as new data becomes available:

K24A2 high compression motor. Looking for around 230whp with 7500 - 8000 RPM redline
RBC manifold
70mm or 80mm drive by cable throttle body
injectors ???
Type s oil pump

Either a RSX type s or Civic Si 6 speed with LSD
Driveshaft Shop Level 2.9 axles

Fortune Auto 510 Series custom coilovers <-- proud sponsored
ESM Race complete spherical bushings for front and rear upper and lower control arms <-- proud sponsored. Thank you [email protected]
Front and rear anti-roll bar setup. <-- Haven't decided on which one to go with

Front Wilwood 4 pot 11" ???
Rear Integra GSR ???
4040 proportioning valve <-- installed

Wheels and Tire
15x8 <-- Not sure which brand of wheels yet
205/50/15 <-- Bridgestone RE-71R or Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Spec in 200 thread wear as per rule for AER
225/45/15 <-- This will require 15x9 wheels to maximize the performance of the tire.

Fuel Cell
ATL 16 gallon

Fire Suppression System
Zero 2000 Electric Slimline system

Enough of history about me and let's start my beginning process of this build. I found this Civic on AER Facebook thread. The vehicle was located in Ohio and therefore, I did a road trip from Boston to pick up the car.

Once I got back home, I started to get to clean out the engine back in preparation for paint. It wasn't easy to clean this puppy up.

Now, it all nice and clean ready to prime.

Here's what it looks like after painting.

Here are some picture of the roll cage.

Picking up the K24 motor from JDM New York in Jamaica, NY. This place is like heaven for JDM Honda nerds. If you get the chance, you should go check it out.

Thank you Franklin @ ESM Race for the help on getting me the beautifully make spherical bearing bushings for the front lower control arms. I can't wait till I come and pay a visit to you guys, I was able to pressed them into the brand new lower control arms.

Today, I added few items to my roll cage to give it a little bit more strength.

Brake lines with the 4040 proportioning valve back into the firewall.

Update 7/3/2018
Today, I just received a new lotos ltp5000d plasma cutter from Amazon and this device is very reasonable priced and this thing cuts 16 gauge sheet metal like butter. Here are some pictures of my A&B pillar gussets.

I'm about to drill some holes so I can dimple die them.

The gussets welded onto the A&B pillars.

The cage is now pretty much completed. The next step will be clean up of the interior for paint. Guess what color I'm going with???? I will be updating very soon again.

Please stay tuned!

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A good friend of mine John Ly (where are you John? Haven't seen you for a while) who is a regular and writes articles for Honda-Tech forum helped me crafted a Sponsorship proposal in hoping to have a opportunity to work with some of the major manufacturers/retailer such as K-tuned, PCI-Racing, ESM Race, Fortune Auto, Hondata, Hasport, etc...

I have attached the sponsorship document here for your review. I really hope to be able to gain some help with this project and get it ready for next season of endurance racing!
View attachment Civic_Proposal_2018.2.pdf

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Just joined up to get educated for my build, this is the first thread I’ve read, automatically subscribed as I’m at pretty much the same point in my build, looking forward to updates
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