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Got some more K-Series Parts I am selling.

R-Crew Modified Header with 3" Vband at end and some sorta Collector. SOLD

Skunk2 K-Series Intake Manifold - Mounted Only - SOLD

Skunk2 70MM Black Throttle Body - New only Mounted - SOLD

Skunk2 Composite Fuel Rail - New Only Mounted - $150

Skunk2 Tuner 3 Version 3 Cams - About 2000 miles - $300 Shipped

Skunk2 K20A2 PRB Head, Good Condition - SOLD

ERL 89MM Sleeved K24 Block - Has 1/2" Head Stud Holes - SOLD
- Will toss in the modified S2000 Oil Pump with Chain Guides etc

K24 99mm Crank, good condition and to my knowledge never cut - SODL

Manley Turbo Tuff Rods for K24 - 2000 Miles - SOLD

Wiseco 89mm 12:1 Pistons, obviously gotta buy new rings - SOLD

RRC Intake Manifold with Edge Cut for K20a2 head - SOLDDDD
Cut exactly like the K-Tuned neck listed below. Works fine.

K-Tuned K20a2 Upper Water Neck - SOLD
Like this one -

I will have pictures up sometime this weekend. Gotta finish breaking the block down, so any motor parts won't ship until Monday. I have plenty of feedback from the last sale I did of my used stuff that I got my hands on. Just selling this stuff so I can finish my all motor setup.

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