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2002 DC5 Type S
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I have to collect the budget for one of these projects I am actually developing. Best would be I have one who sponsor this or buy it after tuning :D. I have no car to put it into it, just the engine test bench to tune it. The header concept is a totally no go for the Lotus Chassis. I have so much ideas for engines, but I run out of money to build it.
i will buy it. case closed on that. i will get a loan, look no further. i will protect it as well. no one will be able to get eyes on it, you have my word on that.

a 06 08 K24a2 just came up my way with 90,000 miles. complete longblock assembly. that is a good one. the price is stunningly pleasent

i want to put your Dampfhammer engine in a CRZ with rwd. or fwd. the crz chassis is light and well built. i have had my head in them the past few days poking around checking them out. so"much better back build" as bIdEn would say
than a dc5 or other chassis.

the aluminum 2019 ctr rear knuckles are fire nice.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts